Ties That Bind: Memorials From His Neckwear

Send Jo his ties, and she'll make you the world's most fashionable memorial gift.

Deceased people's clothes are often donated to Good Will or Salvation Army, and that's great, of course, but surfing Etsy.com today provided me with fresh thinking on how to reuse the best of the fabrics in the closet. You can cut them up and make a patchwork quilt or afghan throw, or as shown in the photos here, you can turn bits of clothing or a deceased man's silky neckties into a scarf that will keep his energy close to you for as long as you want.

His ties can be your scarf JoMama's resident designer will take whatever you send her to the "next level" by merging an urge to recycle with her inner-fashionista. She makes eco-cool wearable memorial art, and her prices are reasonable. Then when friends ask where the heck you got your gorgeous cravat, the fact that you're wearing a vibrant memorial keeps the deceased's memory available in a nice way. We need to think up new ways to memorialize people. This is one small, sweet solution, but a nifty one, I think.

Necktie scarf, $58

JoMama also crafts jewelry and accessories out of salvaged buttons or kitchen pieces, turning family heirlooms into wearable memories. Check out her Etsy.com pages.