Living Each Day

Now I am gone, now I am lost to you

Find me again just as you used to do:

In the house – when you go from room to room you’ll find 

The bits and pieces that I’ve left behind.

In the street – of course . . . I’ve stopped to window-shop; 

You carry on, my love, I’ll catch you up.

At night – as darkness slowly fills the sky: 

I’m late; don’t fret; I’ll be there by and by.

At morning – when the sky is still blue-black, 

I had to go out early: I’ll be back.

In sunshine – as you peer into the glare – 

A shape that seems to be both light and air.

In rain – as you look out and people pass – 

One leaves a reflection printed on the glass.

In the garden – when you doze away the hours 

I pass with a smile on my face, and my arms full of flowers. 

-- Lisa Kitson