Invocation Prayer

I give thanks to those that I am about to invite!

I ask that this room, this home or building and the grounds become a sacred space. 

I invite the Divine to be present. 

I invite Great Spirit, Mother Father God to be present. 

I invite Great Mystery to be present. 

I invite the Compassionate and loving Ancestors to be present and I give thanks to them, because with out them we couldn't be here. 

I invite the Great Teachers and Masters to be present, especially those that we have connections to and affiliations with. 

I invite the Angels, the great beings of light, especially the Archangels, the guardian angels angels of love and the angels of healing. 

I invite the Power Animals, the Totems, and I give thanks to them for loaning their power, their qualities, their protection and for relationship. 

I invite the Healing Spirits of all the realms and give thanks for the healing that I know is going to happen. 

I invite the Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sacred Space...and I ask for a balancing and harmonizing of the Elements. 

I invite the Compassionate Spirits and Devas. 

I Invite the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. 

I give thanks to the Stars and the Compassionate Star People. 

I invite the Directions and the Guardians of the Directions 

I invite the Four Great Winds. 

I give thanks to the Great Spirits of the Land and I ask to be in harmony with you and to prosper here. 

I give thanks to the Spirits of this place for allowing this work and this prayer to happen here in a good way. 

And as always, I give thanks in advance for the blessings that I know will happen here. 

-- Betsy Bergstrom