The final resting place is the last remove, the final goodbye. It contains its own sanctified beginning and ending; it's a solemn and important time. Our BURIAL readings are for graveside; INURNMENT ceremonies occur when an urn of cremated remains is placed in a niche or buried; and wherever ASHES ARE SCATTERED, ceremony and language can address the needs of the moment. Find ceremony templates here.

He is made one with Nature: there is heard
His voice in all her music, from the moan
Of thunder, to the song of night’s sweet bird;
He is a presence to be felt and known
 In darkness and in light, from herb and stone, 
 Spreading itself where’er that Power may move
 Which has withdrawn his being to its own; 
 Which wields the world with never-wearied love,
Sustains it from beneath, and kindles it above.

--Percy Bysshe Shelley