Why Revive the Funeral?

Sustainable, artful, personalized funerals can give everyone in attendance an enlarged appreciation of the deceased, and an altered view of the world we share. While funerals are often sad, they do not need to be dreary.

As a culture, we’ve pretty much mastered the wedding–we have wedding magazines, nuptial websites and idea books–but the funeral, hanging out there by its lonesome, at the tail end of the life cycle, is in need of a lot of work. Crafting a good goodbye is incredibly difficult. So our aim is to inspire funeral home workers, celebrants, hospice teams, home funeral guides, bereavement therapists and end-of-life caretakers to work together to create the best farewells possible.

The Inspired Funeral’s goal is to help you help grieving families craft more meaningful funerals, memorials and end-of-life services. Funeral consumers are welcomed to join us, but they might also want to glance at the blog Amy sustains at FittingTributeFunerals.com.
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