Trinkets and Cookbooks Can Be Featured at the Funeral

-11People who come to a funeral love to be offered something small and sentimental like a carefully selected household object that once belonged to the deceased. This is comforting. I recently met a woman who set up a long table at her church and put out a sign encouraging funeral attendees to take home a single porcelain figurine or cookbook (the ones family members had already decided they didn’t want). This was a huge hit (admittedly harder to pull off if the funeral draws more than sixty people). Weeks later, folks were still talking about how good it felt to have a reminder of the deceased and a token of the family’s generousity and sweetness.

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  1. I recently went to a funeral where the family distributed some of the dozens of bow ties their father/grandfather/uncle had always sported with great style. People wore them at the reception and then took them home — grateful to have such a perfect reminder of the man they had admired so much.

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