Wild for Wicker

Willow This casket from Elliott Urn and Passages International got me excited about entering funeral service. When I saw it on Mark Harris’s excellent green burial blog, I was so touched by its gorgeousness. To die for! It can be decorated by the family at the wake or viewing with fresh or dried flowers. The actress Lynn Redgrave was buried in one. With delivery, the six-foot size retails for about $1900. Numerous smaller sizes are available. Alas, nearly all wicker caskets sold in the U.S. today are made in China. I’m hoping it won’t take long to locate or cultivate a domestic manufacturer.

New half-couch seagrass also available

New half-couch seagrass also available from Passages International

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  1. There’s a beautiful horse drawn hearse with a wicker casket in the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, NY. The casket was used year round to fetch the body- in the summer, the casket was kept underwater in a lake or stream so that when in use, evaporation would help cool the body.

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